The Templates gallery of IBM® App Connect on IBM Cloud™ provides a growing set of templates, covering a range of cognitive, marketing, sales, support, business ops, e-commerce, and finance use cases. These templates make use of key connectors such as Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, Watson, MS Dynamics, Marketo, and others.
Selecting a template in the templates gallery
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To use the templates, open IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud, then select the Templates tab. To browse and perhaps use a template, click the template tile in the gallery. In the overlay displayed, you can read information about how to use the template and can click a button to create the flow from the template. You can then go to your dashboard to validate and finish the flow for your environment, and optionally to adapt the flow for your own needs.
This page should retrieve and display a list of templates that are available in the Templates gallery of IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud. If the list is not displayed, you can view the Templates gallery in your IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud instance.