Simplifying data mapping and data transformation with AI-powered suggestions

When you add a node to a flow in an App Connect Designer instance in a containerized environment, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) features to help with your mapping and transformation use cases.

Mapping Assist provides the following features:

  • The mapping assist feature generates smart suggestions that are the best matches for the target fields.
  • The incremental learning feature periodically retrains an AI model to improve the degree of accuracy of suggested mappings.
  • The transformation generator feature uses supplied sample data or drop-down values to construct complex transformations (as JSONata expressions), and serves as an aide for mapping source data to target data.
Availability: Mapping Assist can be enabled only for a Designer instance of IBM® App Connect in containers. The Mapping Assist custom resource settings can be configured during or after creation of your Designer instance. For information about how to enable the Mapping Assist features either while creating a Designer instance or by updating the custom resource settings after an instance is created, see App Connect Designer Authoring reference.

Learn how to use the Mapping Assist features

Use the following links to learn more about each of the Mapping Assist features: