How to use IBM App Connect with WordPress

WordPress is web publishing software that can be used to create a website or a blog.

  • A connector in IBM App Connect on IBM CloudCloud-managed connector
  • A connector in IBM App Connect Enterprise as a ServiceApp Connect Enterprise as a Service connector
  • A local connector in a Designer instance of IBM App Connect in containers (Continuous Delivery release)Local connector in containers (Continuous Delivery release) or later

Connecting to WordPress

Complete the connection fields that you see in the App Connect Designer Catalog page or flow editor. If necessary, work with your WordPress administrator to obtain these values.

WordPress connection fields:

Authorization method Connection field Description Applicability
BASIC OAUTH Access token Create an application in the WordPress developer site to create a client ID. An access token is generated from the client ID and redirect URI.
Tip: For more information about generating an access token, see OAuth2 Authentication on the WordPress documentation page.
App Connect in containers
Tip: Authorize connection to WordPress by signing in to your account.
  App Connect Enterprise as a Service

To connect to a WordPress endpoint from the App Connect Designer Catalog page for the first time, expand WordPress, then click Connect. For more information about ways to connect to WordPress, see Managing accounts in App Connect.


Before you use the account that is created in App Connect in a flow, rename the account to something meaningful that helps you to identify it. To rename the account on the Catalog page, select the account, open its options menu (⋮), then click Rename Account.

General considerations

Before you use App Connect Designer with WordPress, take note of the following considerations:

  • (General consideration) You can see lists of the trigger events and actions that are available on the Catalog page of the App Connect Designer.

    For some applications, the events and actions in the catalog depend on the environment (IBM® Cloud Pak for Integration or App Connect on IBM Cloud) and whether the connector supports configurable events and dynamic discovery of actions. If the application supports configurable events, you see a Show more configurable events link under the events list. If the application supports dynamic discovery of actions, you see a Show more link under the actions list.

  • (General consideration) If you are using multiple accounts for an application, the set of fields that is displayed when you select an action for that application can vary for different accounts. In the flow editor, some applications always provide a curated set of static fields for an action. Other applications use dynamic discovery to retrieve the set of fields that are configured on the instance that you are connected to. For example, if you have two accounts for two instances of an application, the first account might use settings that are ready for immediate use. However, the second account might be configured with extra custom fields.

Events and actions

WordPress events

These events are for changes in this application that trigger a flow to start performing the actions in the flow.

Note: Events are not available for changes in this application. You can trigger a flow in other ways, such as at a scheduled interval or at specific dates and times.

WordPress actions

These are actions on this application that you want a flow to complete.

Retrieve top-commented authors for site
Retrieve recommended blogs
Create category
Retrieve categories
Create comment
Retrieve comments
Retrieve feed details
Retrieve followed feeds
Follow blog
Unfollow blog
Following blogs posts
Retrieve following blog posts
Like comment
Like comment
Unlike comment
Retrieve likes for comment
Like post
Like post
Unlike post
Retrieve likes for post
Liked blog posts
Retrieve liked blog posts
Retrieve media
Create post
Retrieve posts
Post stats
Retrieve most commented posts for site
Post views
Retrieve view stats for post
Referrer details
Retrieve referrers for site
Retrieve sites
Site country views
Retrieve views by country for site
Site followers
Retrieve followers for site
Site publicize followers
Retrieve publicize follower count for site
Site stats
Retrieve stats for site
Site stats summary
Retrieve stats summary for site
Site tag views
Retrieve views by tags and categories for site
Site top authors
Retrieve top authors for site
Site top posts
Retrieve top posts for site
Create tag
Retrieve tags
Tag details
Subscribe to tag
Retrieve subscribed tags
Unsubscribe from tag
Retrieve subscribed status for tag
Trending tags
Retrieve trending tags
Retrieve users