What's new in Version 12.0?

IBM® App Connect Enterprise 12.0 provides new functions that include a simplified user interface, artificial intelligence (AI), and other automation capabilities that increase time to value for your business.

Every new function of IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0 is driven by customer feedback and request for enhancements, as the voice of the customer represents a key pillar in the continuous innovation of IBM App Connect Enterprise. New functions are being delivered on a quarterly basis through the fix packs release, to address customer needs in a timely manner.

This customer feedback-driven approach can be summarized under the following themes:

Development productivity

Improve time to value through intelligent and optimized tools

Integrated and common user experience with API Management plus new tutorials and accelerators

Test and DevOps automation

Fast track the adoption of agile practices while mitigating risk

New test-driven development capability accelerates shift-left strategy

Extended connectivity

Simplify, enhance, and automate connected systems and applications

Addition of more than 200 open source connectors to the catalog

Hybrid-cloud operations

Achieve enriched operational visibility and control access across any deployment

New dashboard provided end-to-end transparency of the integration runtime across all environments

The new functions in IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0 cover one or more of these themes, and at a high level include:

Improved Toolkit UI

The upgraded IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit features a modernized look and feel that increases development productivity by simplifying the creation of message flows and message models from scratch.

New Tutorials Interface

The newly-designed tutorial interface includes over 100 tutorials to easily get started and rapidly familiarize with IBM App Connect Enterprise, reducing the onboarding time. This includes guides on how to create an integration server, message flows, unit tests, and many more.

New smart connectors

IBM App Connect Enterprise Designer makes it easier to connect your applications both on cloud and on premises by including pre-built smart connectors, with a total number of more than 100 connectors.

Easier ways to get started

With over 100 tutorials in the newly-designed tutorial interface, and a new test-driven development feature, it is easy to get started developing your own integration solutions.

Test-driven development

The new test-driven development feature facilitates the adoption of agile practices while mitigating risks, enabling developers to iteratively test as they develop and automating test authoring.

Business Transaction Monitoring

The new Business Transaction Monitoring capability introduced in enables you to get the best out of your business transactions, by monitoring the end-to-end lifecycle of your enterprise transactions.

For details of the new functions in IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0, see New function added in Version 12.0 modification packs and fix packs

Your suggestions on how to improve our solutions are always welcome: please go to the Request for Enhancements (RFE) Community page for IBM App Connect Enterprise. You can collaborate on enhancements directly with IBM in this community.

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