Installing a subflow user-defined node

Install a subflow user-defined node for use to develop message flows.

Before you begin

You can develop message flows by using subflow user-defined nodes in the same way as the built-in nodes. Before you begin, you must develop, test, and package a subflow user-defined node as described in Developing a subflow user-defined node from a subflow in a static library, Testing a subflow user-defined node, and Packaging a subflow user-defined node by generating a packaged subflow user-defined library. You must then install the static library that contains the subflow user-defined node into your IBM® App Connect Enterprise Toolkit before you can use the subflow user-defined node in a message flow.

If you install a subflow user-defined library, you cannot create a project in the workspace that has the same name as the installed library. An error is shown if you attempt to create a project that has the same name as the installed project.


  1. In the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit, click Project, and then select Manage subflow user-defined libraries from the menu.
    The Manage subflow user-defined Libraries dialog opens. From this dialog, you can see a list of the installed libraries and install or uninstall a library.
  2. Click Install to open a dialog where you can use Windows Explorer to find the package .zip file that you want to install.
  3. Select the package .zip file that you want to install.
  4. Click Open to open a dialog that displays details of the library contents.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to install the library.
    The library is installed. The currently installed library list is updated with the new library.

    The subflow now appears in the palette when you open a message flow. In this example, the subflow is JavaSubflow under the library StaticLibWithJava.

    Set palette category from toolkit sub-menu

    You can drag the node onto the canvas. When you package the application or library that uses a subflow user-defined node into a BAR file, the static library that contains the user-defined node is automatically included within the application or library within the BAR file.

  6. If a subflow user-defined node is updated, you must install the new version of the user-defined node library into the toolkit. You must regenerate the BAR file before you can use the updated version.

What to do next

When you no longer require the subflow user-defined node, you can uninstall it. For more information, see Uninstalling a subflow user-defined node.