Record and replay

For audit or problem determination purposes, you can record data to a database, then view it, and replay it.

Video: Record and Replay

This video describes the key concepts of Record and Replay, and demonstrates an overview of how to configure and use Record and Replay.

If you need an audit record of messages that pass through the message flows, you can record those messages. You might also want to record messages if you need to keep a history of messages for development and test purposes, or to help in problem determination. For more information, see Recording data.

To determine which data is recorded, you must configure monitoring on the message flow. For more information, see Configuring monitoring for recording. Data is stored in a database, which can be an Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2® database. For more information, see Creating and configuring a database for recording data. You must create a data source, then use a policy to define the data source name to use when recording data.

After you have recorded data, you can view it in several ways. By using the web user interface, you can view a list of recorded messages, or you can view details of a specific message. You can also view recorded data by using the IBM® App Connect Enterprise REST API. For more information, see Viewing recorded data.

You can replay a message to an IBM MQ queue by using the web user interface or the REST API. You can also replay the message to another message flow for testing or problem determination. For more information, see Replaying data.