Configuring a secure connection to

Access your security information through your account, and then use this information to configure a security identity by using the mqsisetdbparms command in IBM® App Connect Enterprise.

Before you begin

Decide which credentials IBM App Connect Enterprise will use when accessing

About this task

Follow these steps to create a Salesforce Connected App for use with IBM App Connect Enterprise, and to create a secure connection between the systems:


Follow these steps to create a Connected App:

  1. Log on to using your chosen credentials and navigate to the Apps page.
  2. Create a new Connected App for use with IBM App Connect Enterprise, and set the following properties:
    1. Set the Connected App Name property to IBM Integration Bus
    2. Set the API Name to IBM_Integration_Bus
    3. Specify your chosen contact email address.
    4. Select the Enable OAuth Setting check box.
    5. Set the Callback URL to any valid secure URL (this URL will not be used by your IBM App Connect Enterprise Connected App).
    6. Set the Selected OAuth scopes to Access and manage your data (api).
    7. Click Save.
  3. Click Manage and ensure that the OAuth policy Permitted Users is set to All users may self-authorize. If this option is not selected, connections might fail even if the correct credentials are supplied.

Follow these steps to access the required security information from your Salesforce system:

  1. Make a note of your Consumer Key and your Consumer Secret, which you will need later when you configure security for the connection.
    The Consumer Key and Consumer secret are generated by Salesforce when you create a Connected App.
  2. Obtain the security token for the chosen Salesforce credentials. You can get this from the email that was sent to the email address associated with the credentials when the security token was last reset. Alternatively, you can reset it now by following these steps:
    1. From the Setup page, click your name and then click the My Settings menu option.
    2. Click Reset My Security Token.
      A message is displayed, informing you that the existing security token will be invalidated.
    3. Click the Reset Security Token button to confirm that you want to continue.
      The new security token is sent to your email address.

Follow these steps to configure a secure connection between IBM App Connect Enterprise and your Salesforce system:

  1. Use the mqsisetdbparms command to configure a security identity for the connection, by setting the following parameters:
    -n salesforce::securityIdentity
    The name of the security identity that is used to authenticate a connection to a Salesforce system, where securityIdentity is the value of the Security Identity property in the SalesforceRequest node.
    -u UserId
    The Salesforce user ID
    -p Password
    The password for accessing the Salesforce system, suffixed with the security token that was sent to you by Salesforce when you reset your security token (in Step 4)
    -c ClientIdentity
    The name of the consumer key of your Connected App.
    -s ClientSecret
    The consumer secret of your Connected App.
    For example:
    mqsisetdbparms -w c:\workdir\ACEServ1 -n salesforce::sf1 -u myUserID -p myPassword -c myClientIdentity -s myClientSecret

    For more information, see mqsisetdbparms command. For information about the security credentials that have been set on the integration server, see mqsireportdbparms command.

  2. In your message flow, specify sf1 as the value in the Security identity property in the SalesforceRequest node.
    This security identity will be used when you connect to your Salesforce system from IBM App Connect Enterprise.