Release notes for the latest release

Review these release notes for information about supported versions, new features and enhancements, and known issues and workarounds.

Version information

This release relates to the IBM® App Connect Operator 1.4.0, deployed on the following platforms:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6 or later
  • Kubernetes 1.19.x
About Continuous Delivery: This version of the Operator is considered a Continuous Delivery release. Continuous Delivery releases employ techniques such as continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployment to rapidly deliver new features, fixes, and security updates typically at quarterly intervals.

This Operator version is supported on IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.1.1. You can also use the Operator to install IBM App Connect to a cluster as a standalone deployment.

IBM App Connect Operator 1.4.0 is based on IBM App Connect Enterprise certified container 4.4.0, and contains an image of IBM App Connect Enterprise

This documentation relates to the release for these listed versions. Documentation for the previous releases is available in PDF format at Documentation for previous releases.

New features and enhancements

Support for new IBM App Connect Operator channels

IBM App Connect Operator 1.4.x is delivered on a new v1.4 Operator channel, which must be selected to install 1.4.x versions of the Operator, or to initialize an upgrade from a 1.3.x or earlier Operator.

Accompanying versions and licenses are provided for the App Connect Dashboard, App Connect Designer Authoring, App Connect Switch Server, and App Connect Integration Server custom resources. To create an instance or upgrade to a 1.4-specific version of a custom resource, you must choose both of these options:
  • Subscribe to the 11.0.0 or channel for custom resources, or specify a fully qualified version of
  • Select a 1.4-specific license for approval.
Ability to co-author an API in App Connect Designer and IBM API Connect

If you have access to an App Connect Designer instance and an IBM API Connect instance that are deployed to your IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Platform Navigator, the new co-authoring feature enables you to simultaneously expose your API in both App Connect Designer and API Connect.

If the documented co-authoring prerequisites are met, when you create an API flow and then start the API in your Designer instance, the API is automatically added to a Product, which is then published in the Sandbox Catalog that is provided for a provider organization in API Connect. You can work (in a limited capacity) with the API in API Connect independently of the one in App Connect Designer. You can also browse the API Product in the Developer Portal if a site has been configured. When you stop the API in Designer, the Product (and API) in the API Manager and the Developer Portal are automatically deleted.

Extended support for local connectors in App Connect Designer and App Connect Dashboard

Two local connectors have been added for authoring flows in an App Connect Designer instance, or for deploying integration servers to an App Connect Dashboard instance: Box and Trello.

To support event-driven flows, an additional local connector can be added as the event node that triggers a flow: Gmail. Only local accounts are supported for event nodes.

More information:
Ability to specify the log level in App Connect Dashboard

A new spec.logLevel parameter is provided to enable you to specify the level of information that is displayed in the container logs for the Dashboard.

More information: App Connect Dashboard: Custom resource values

Ability to add host aliases to the hosts file for an integration server pod

Two new parameters are provided to enable you to add hostname/IP mappings as host aliases to the /etc/hosts file for an integration server pod, to facilitate host name resolution:

  • spec.pod.hostAliases.hostnames[]
  • spec.pod.hostAliases.ip

More information: Integrations servers: Custom resource values

Ability to stop metrics from being emitted for an integration server

A new spec.enableMetrics parameter is provided to disable the automatic emission of metrics for an integration server.

More information: Integrations servers: Custom resource values


  • Editing the storage settings of an Designer instance after initial creation is not supported.
  • The following alpha and beta APIs and features are used by the IBM App Connect Operator:
    • for Operator installation
    • for Operator installation
    • for installation of additional IBM common operators
    • annotations on Service, to provide a certificate for the webhook