IBM App Connect for Manufacturing Version

This documentation provides information for IBM® App Connect for Manufacturing Version

IBM App Connect for Manufacturing builds on IBM App Connect Enterprise to support the manufacturing industry.

Install the App Connect component to develop and monitor integration solutions to transform, enrich, route, and process your business messages and data. You must ensure that you run the App Connect Enterprise component in the Standard operation mode. For more information, see Operation modes. Any further references of this App Connect installation within the IBM App Connect for Manufacturing documentation are made as App Connect Standard.

App Connect for Manufacturing helps manufacturers sense, share, visualize, explore the factory data across enterprise, and mobile applications. It also helps manufacturing companies implement shop floor automation to comply with Industry 4.0 initiatives that are enabled by the Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) interoperability standards.

The fourth industrial revolution objectives are achieved by using OPC-UA standards where it enables the integration of your devices and communicates with the industrial equipment and systems for data collection and control.

Important: Keep your App Connect for Manufacturing environment at the latest fix level to ensure problem-free operation and also to get enhancements and new functionality.