Advance shipping notice

An advance ship notice or advance shipping notice (ASN) is a notification of pending deliveries, similar to a packing list. It is usually sent in an electronic format and is a common EDI document.

ASN enables external systems to receive information about shipments. The ASN document is a delivery confirmation and is used to notify a customer about an expected delivery. The ASN is typically generated based on information that is available when a shipment has left the warehouse, and it can be triggered when you post a packing slip in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  1. Create a new port for ‘Advanced Shipping Notice’ service on IIS.
  2. Add new ‘MS Dynamics AX’ Endpoint in App Connect Studio.
  3. Download the ‘Advance shipping notice’ WSDL.
  4. Click and drag the Endpoint created to the orchestration.
  5. Select the ‘Invoke’ service.
  6. Click on the service and then click ‘Configure’.
  7. Select a service from the list of services.
  8. Provide values for the parameters in the Map inputs page.
  9. Right click on the service and select the ‘Verify Activity’ option.
  10. Results will be displayed in the Verify tab.