Selecting a Plan

A Plan is a collection of REST API operations and SOAP API WSDL operations. In the Developer Portal you can browse and select the most appropriate Plan to use with your application.

Before you begin

You must register an application to use with a Plan. For more information about registering an application, see Registering an application.

[V5.0.8 or later]Plans that you can subscribe to might be free plans or paid plans. If you subscribe to a paid plan, you must have an account with a supported credit card processor, such as Stripe. Your account administrator can create the account. See Tutorial: Defining a subscription Plan with pricing for your API Product for more information about setting up an account with a credit card system provider.

About this task

A Plan is a collection of API operations or subsets of operations from one or more API. A Plan can contain a mixture of HTTP GET, PUT, POST, OPTIONS, HEAD, PATCH, and DELETE verbs from different APIs or it can contain all the GET verbs from various APIs. A Plan can have a shared rate limit for all the operations, or each operation can have a different rate limit. Rate limits specify how many requests an application is allowed to make during a specified time interval.

[V5.0.2 or later] In addition, Plans can also have multiple rate limits set per Plan and per operation, at second, minute, hour, day, and week time intervals.

DataPower Gateway onlyPlans can also have burst limits to prevent usage spikes that might damage infrastructure. Multiple burst limits can be set per Plan, at second and minute time intervals.

Use the Developer Portal to browse the different Plans that are available to you and select a Plan that is most suitable for your requirements. Some Plans have restricted access that you must request access to use. When you submit your request, the organization is notified, the API administrator assesses your request and they might contact you for more details. Other Plans are available to use straight away.


To select a Plan, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Developer Portal, click API Products.
  2. Click the Product that contains the Plan that you want to work with.
  3. In the Plan section of the Product, click the Plan on the left that you want to use.
    The details of the selected Plan are displayed.
  4. After you have identified the plan that you want to use, click Use this plan.
    The Use this Plan dialog box is displayed.
  5. Select the application that you want to use with this Plan, and click Save.
    The application details are displayed.
  6. Optional: To view the operations for the APIs that are included in the Plans to which the application is subscribed, click the name of the API.
  7. If the Plan is not restricted, you can use it immediately. If the Plan is restricted, the Plan is shown as Pending Approval, and you cannot use the requested Plan until the administrator approves your request.


You have selected a Plan.

What to do next

Manage and monitor your API and application usage.