API Connect V2018 Reserved Instance overview

IBM® API Connect V2018 Reserved Instance offers an individual API Connect instance that runs on IBM-managed infrastructure and provides a single-tenant environment at a lower cost, and with more control over your environment, than a traditional cloud-based offering.

V2018 Reserved Instance is a separate API Connect deployment for a single customer that is hosted in the cloud by IBM. Although V2018 Reserved Instance is deployed for a single customer, it is not custom and follows a standard configuration.

V2018 Reserved Instance provides value by balancing the flexibility of a shared infrastructure with the isolation of a reserved API Connect instance, and includes the following key features:
  • Common login with other IBM Cloud services using IBMid.
  • Isolation from others who are using the public service.
  • Managed, monitored, and operated by the API Connect operations team.
  • Deployed across multiple servers within the datacenter-zone for resilience.
  • Optionally deployed as a High Availability (HA) deployment with a 99.95% SLA, for an additional cost.