apic login

Log in to an IBM API Connect cloud


Log in to an IBM API Connect cloud

apic login [flags]


Interactive login
$ apic login
Enter your API Connect credentials
? Server: mgmnthost.com
? Realm: company/realm
? Username: tommy
? Password: password
Logged into mgmnthost.com successfully

Non-interactive login
$ apic login --username tommy --password password --server mgmnthost.com --realm company/realm
Logged into mgmnthost.com successfully


  -h, --help              Help for login
  -p, --password string   password
  -r, --realm string      realm
  -s, --server string     management server endpoint
  -u, --username string   user name

Options inherited from parent commands

      --accept-license        Accept the license for API Connect
      --debug                 Enable debug output
      --debug-output string   Write debug output to file
      --live-help             Enable or disable tracking of limited usage information
  -m, --mode string           Toolkit operation mode (default "apim")