Managing your APIs

You manage your APIs by using the API Manager user interface of IBM® API Connect. You can also analyze your API usage by using the analytics that are provided and socialize your APIs in a developer portal.

Why use APIs?

Whether you are a business user, an IT user, or an application developer, APIs are increasingly important to your business. You can use an API to publicize your company. The assets, data, or services of your company can be provided to external application developers to expand your enterprise and open new markets.

The API Manager UI provides a solution for companies to manage APIs for private internal APIs, and public external APIs. This on-premises offering provides the capabilities that are required so that you can externalize and manage your services as REST or SOAP APIs.

What do you need to know?

Depending on your role, you can complete different tasks relating to managing your API Catalogs and these are outlined in the documentation. Each task is covered in the order that they are executed.

Each task introduces new features of the API Manager UI as they become relevant to the Catalog that you are building.

For security reasons, your session times out after a period of inactivity.

Before you start, check that the browser you are using is supported and meets the required minimum levels; for details, open the Detailed system requirements for a specific product page, search for the IBM API Connect product, then select the required offering and version.

The ways in which you can manage your APIs are described in the following subtopics: