Registering a gateway with V10 Reserved

Register the new API Gateway with your reserved instance so that it can host API endpoints and manage traffic.

About this task

Register the new gateway with V10 Reserved using the Register gateway page on the administration console.


  1. On the V10 Reserved administration console's home page, click the Gateways tile.
  2. On the Gateways page, click Register gateway.
  3. On the Register remote gateway page, fill in the information for your gateway and then click Register.

    Provide information about the following settings:

    Gateway details
    Provide the basic information that describes the new gateway. At a minimum, you must provide a Title. The Name is generated from the title, for use in commands and API calls.
    Certificate management
    Indicate the instance of the IBM Cloud Certificate Manager service that contains the certificates you are using to secure the new gateway.
    Management endpoint
    Provide the URL where the new gateway can be accessed (for example, your company's domain), and indicate which certificate (stored in the Certificate Manager service) is associated with that domain.
    API invocation endpoint
    Provide the base URL to use when calling APIs that are managed by the new gateway, and add all of the domains where you want this gateway to manage API traffic. For each domain, select the certificate that secures traffic. Use the up and down arrows next to domains to arrange them in the sequence in which they will be checked whenever an API call is received by the gateway.
    (Optional) If you use a native OAuth provider for your APIs, you can add the shared secret here.