Adding a static route on a virtual machine

You can add a static route to the routing table when deploying API Connect on a VMware virtual machine.

About this task

Add commands to your additional cloud-init file. You can do this for the Management, Analytics, and Portal subsystems.


  1. Specify an additional cloud-init file:
    apicup subsys set <subsys> additional-cloud-init-file <path-to-cloud-init-file>
  2. Add lines to your cloud-init file.


     - ip route add <destination>/<mask> via <gateway> dev eth<n>


     - ip route add via dev eth1
     - ip route add via dev eth1
  3. Regenerate the ISO file.
    apicup subsys install <subsys> --out <plan-directory>
  4. Restart the ISO, and ensure that the node(s) have this updated ISO attached at startup.