Tutorial: Creating the Developer Portal

About this task

In this tutorial, you are going to complete the following lessons:

Enabling the Developer Portal through the API Manager

By proceeding with the following steps, you create an administrator account:

  1. Log in to the API Manager
  2. Click Manage icon Manage, then click Add, and select Create catalog.
  3. Select the owner from the Select user list, then enter a Title for your catalog, for example Production.
    create catalog
  4. Click Create, then click Manage icon Manage.
    Shows the created production catalog
  5. Click your new catalog, for example Production.
  6. Click Catalog settings.
  7. Click Gateway Services. If the message You currently don't have any gateway services is displayed, click Edit, select gateway_service, then click Save.
    Select gateway services
  8. Click Portal.
  9. Click Create.
    Portal list
  10. Select a portal service to use. Click Create.

    Creating portal

    After a few minutes, you receive an email with a link to your Developer Portal site for that catalog. The link is a single use only link for the administrator account.

    Creating portal email

  11. Click the email link. Click Sign in.

    First portal login

  12. Change the password. Click Submit.

    Change password

The portal site for the Production catalog is now active. The admin account cannot create applications or subscriptions. You must create a new account to complete those tasks.

Portal admin home

What you did in this tutorial

In this tutorial, you completed the following activities:
  • Enabled a Developer Portal site and created an administrator account.

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