Setting visibility for a service

The visibility setting determines which provider organizations can access a service.

Before you begin

You must complete the following tasks:

About this task

The visibility setting controls which provider organizations can use a service. The default visibility setting is Public.

One of the following roles is required to set the visibility for services:

  • Administrator
  • Topology Administrator
  • Owner
  • A custom role with the Topology:Manage permission


Follow these steps to set the visibility for the services in your on-premises cloud:

  1. In the Cloud Manager, click Topology Topology.
  2. From the list of Services, choose Set visibility from the actions menu next to the name of the service that requires the visibility setting.
  3. Select the visibility setting for the service. The options are:
    • Private - the service is not visible and cannot be used by any provider organization
    • Public - the service is visible and can be used by all provider organizations
    • Custom - the service is visible only to the provider organizations designated by you
  4. For Custom visibility, select the provider organizations that will be able to use the service.
  5. Click Make visible to complete the operation.


For Private, the service cannot be used by any provider organizations. For Public, the service can be used by all provider organizations. For Custom, the service can be used by the provider organizations that you designate.