Planning to offload data to a third-party system

Considerations for offloading data from your IBM® API Connect analytics deployment to a third-party system.

The analytics event data that sent from the gateway to analytics can be offloaded to a third-party service in real-time. The third-party service can provide enhanced monitoring, alerting, storage, and analysis, in addition to what the built-in analytics subsystem provides. Multiple target systems are supported, and the data can be modified before offloading.

APIC supports offloading analytics data to the following third-party systems:

  • HTTPs endpoints
  • OpenSearch
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Kafka
  • Syslog servers

For instructions on configuring your offload settings, see Kubernetes - Offloading data to a third-party system, OpenShift - Offloading data to a third-party system.

If you do not need internal storage and want to use only the third-party system for working with your analytics data, consider disabling internal storage entirely as explained in Planning to disable internal storage.