Recovering on OpenShift and Cloud Pak for Integration when disks are filled by the management database

Resize a PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC) on OpenShift to recover when disks are filled by the API Connect management database.

There are two methods to resize a PVC:
  • Expand the PVC.
  • Create a new, larger PVC, and copy the PVC contents.

Expansion of the PVC is easier and faster than creating a new PVC and copying contents. However, some storage classes do not support PVC volume expansion. For these classes, you must create a new PVC.

Note: If you are using local storage, the only way to support increased data size is to add a disk.
  1. Determine if the StorageClass which provisioned the PVC supports VolumeExpansion.

    You can only expand a PVC if its storage class allowVolumeExpansion field is set to true.

    oc get sc
    NAME              PROVISIONER                   
    oc describe sc/rook-ceph-block | grep "AllowVolumeExpansion"
    AllowVolumeExpansion:  True
  2. Choose a resizing method for the storage class: