Deleting a test suite

To delete a test suite, complete the following steps:

  1. Click your test organization name in the menu bar to open your test organization test suite page.

    Image of test organization name

  2. On the test suites page, locate the test suite you want to delete and determine whether it contains any tests by observing the displayed Tests count.

    Image of test suite showing test count

    Note: You can't delete a test suite that contains tests, so if your test suite does contain any tests you must delete them first; see Deleting a test.

  3. To delete the test suite, click its Settings icon Image of test suite settings icon, then click Remove Test Suite

    Note: If the test suite contains tests, you will get an error when you click the Settings icon.

    ![Image of delete error](./dist/images/cant-delete-test suite.png)

    If your test suite is deleted successfully, you are returned to your test organization test suite page, and your deleted test suite is no longer displayed.