Restoring the management subsystem (v10.0.1.1 or later)

You can restore your Management subsystem in your Kubernetes environment.

Before you begin

You must have backups of the management subsystem in order to restore. See Configuring backup settings for fresh install of the Management subsystem and Generating a manual backup of the management subsystem.

About this task

To trigger a restore, you will create a ManagementRestore custom resource. When the ibm-apiconnect operator detects the new CR, it starts the restore process.

  • Ensure that the backup method that you used is complete before you attempt a restore. The backup data that is stored in the remote server is used for restoring the Management subsystem data back to a previous state. Ensure that these backups are on your remote server before you attempt a restore, and that the backup ID in the selected backup exists in remote storage.
  • Restoring a backup restores the registration credentials (client_ID, client_secret) that were in use at the time that the selected backup was created. For information on the registration credentials, see Changing the registration client_id and client_secret for applications.
  • If you have to perform a restore, you must complete the restoration of the Management Service first, and then immediately restore the Developer Portal. The backups of the Management and Portal must be taken at the same time to ensure that the Portal sites are consistent with Management database.
Note: There is a known issue where sometimes a restore from the Management subsystem's SFTP backup succeeds but the data is not restored. If this happens, run the restore again.


  1. Obtain a list of the available backups, and decide which one to restore your Management subsystem:
    kubectl get mgmtb -n  <your-namespace>

    For example:

    $ kubectl get mgmtb
    NAME                  STATUS   ID                 CLUSTER      TYPE   CR TYPE   AGE
    management-3aa3bebf   Ready    20200929-152150F   management   full   record    10h
    management-3c4ca8df   Ready    20200929-115520F   management   full   record    20h
    management-5tbxj      Ready    20200929-224349F   management   full   create    17h
    management-f10af337   Ready    20200925-133703F   management   full   record    5d2h
    management-jtlcd      Ready    20200929-224349F   management   full   create    25h
    management-zxjtz      Ready    20200929-224349F   management   full   create    28h
    Attention: You can restore the Management subsystem from any backup where the STATUS is Ready; however, you should avoid restoring to the initial system backup. During installation, the Management database is used for an initial system backup before certain database schema jobs are complete. Restoring to this backup will result in an unstable system.

    You will use one of the values in the NAME column.

  2. Configure mgmtrestore_cr.yaml. Use the copy in the helper_files directory as an example:
    kind: ManagementRestore
      generateName: management-
      backupName: management-3aa3bebf
    backupName: is the name of the backup custom resource you want to restore to. Note that the sample uses example output from the previous step, to specify the backup named management-3aa3bebf:
    backupName: management-3aa3bebf
  3. Create the ManagementRestore CR in the namespace of the Management Subsystem to trigger the restore process:
    $ kubectl create -f mgmtrestore_cr.yaml -n <namespace-of-mgmt-susbystem>
  4. You can list current restores using the following command:
    $ kubectl get managementrestore -n <namespace-of-mgmt-subsystem> --sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp

    Here is an example of some possible output:

    • SFTP:
      NAME                 STATUS      BACKUP              CLUSTER      MESSAGE                                            PITR     AGE
      mgmt-restore-ptx6d   Complete    mgmt-backup-w4h8c   m1           Restore process completed (DB Restore + DRR job)            6m31s        
    • S3
      NAME                 STATUS      BACKUP              CLUSTER       MESSAGE                                            PITR                    AGE
      mgmt-restore-hr9zx   Complete    mgmt-backup-xnjkl   m1            Restore process completed (DB Restore + DRR job)   2020-11-23 23:08:32+00  9m8s