Defining multiple portal endpoints for a Kubernetes environment

Multiple public facing endpoints (portal-www) can be defined for the Developer Portal.

About this task

You can override the single endpoint definition for portal-WWW, and the associated portal-www-ingress TLS certificate, to support multiple portal-www endpoints.

For information about the endpoints for the Developer Portal, see Installing the Developer Portal subsystem.

Following are the example endpoints for configuring different sites served by the same Developer Portal service, as configured in this task:
These unique endpoints allow Developer Portal sites to be defined on the Developer Portal service with different host names and domains. They replace endpoints that distinguish different sites by sub paths, as shown in the following examples:


Edit your portal_cr template. You can add multiple entries for your endpoints in the hosts element:
For example:
        - name:
          secretName: portal-web-host1
        - name:
          secretName: portal-web-host2
        - name:
          secretName: portal-web-host3