Running a test

Tests are run from the Composer page of IBM API Connect Test APIs.

If you are not on the Composer page, or you want to run a different test, see Opening a test in the Editor for instructions.

Before you begin

Ensure that your browser is set to allow pop-ups for this application.

Running the test

  1. From the Composer page for the test that you want to run, click Run Test.

    Image of composer run test button

  2. Select a downloader from the drop-down list in the "Run Test" dialog box.

  3. Click Run Test.

  4. Your test results are displayed in a Test Report on a separate tab in your browser.

    Image of test report


If an Internal Server Error message is displayed during the test, follow the instructions in Opening a test in the Editor to return to the Editor page, and run the test again.

What to do next