Working with user registries

To secure the APIs that are published to your IBM® API Connect Catalogs, you authenticate with user registries.

About this task

Create user registry resources to secure your APIs, and authenticate with users.


To configure a user registry, complete the following steps:

  1. In the API Manager user interface, select Navigation icon for ResourcesResources.
  2. On the Resources page, select User Registries > Create.
  3. Select the tile for the user registry type you want, and continue to the instructions for configuring user authentication for your selection.
    Important: Do not share user registries between the API Manager and the Developer Portal, or between Developer Portal sites when self-service onboarding is enabled or account deletions in any of the sites are expected. You should create separate user registries for them, even if the separate registries point to the same backend authentication provider (for example, an LDAP server). This separation enables the Developer Portal to maintain unique email addresses across the Catalog, without API Manager needing the same requirement. It also avoids problems with users deleting their accounts from the Developer Portal that then affects their API Manager access.
    Authentication URL User Registry
    For more information, see Creating an Authentication URL user registry.
    Custom user registry
    For more information, see Creating an organization-specific custom user registry.
    LDAP User Registry
    For more information, see Creating an LDAP user registry in API Manager.
    Local User Registry
    For more information, see Creating a Local User Registry
    OIDC User Registry
    For more information, see Creating an OIDC user registry.


The user registry information is added to API Manager.

What to do next

You can now use API Manager to chart and manage your Catalogs.