Troubleshooting your billing configuration

Some issues can occur when you are setting up billing integration in IBM® API Connect.

My customer payment is not completing with Stripe, but the Product is still being accessed.

When payment issues occur with the credit card payment provider, the credit card subscription is canceled, but the API Connect subscription is not canceled. You can disable an application until the payment issues are resolved by completing the following steps:
  1. Navigate to the Settings page in the dashboard of your Stripe account.
  2. In the Billing section navigate to the Subscriptions and emails page.
  3. In the Manage failed payments section, change the Subscription status to If all retries for a payment fail, mark the subscription as unpaid.
  4. Navigate to the Subscriptions page, and when the subscription has moved into the unpaid state open the subscription in the Stripe dashboard.
  5. In the Metadata section, copy the subscription_url value.
  6. Use the developer toolkit CLI, and the UUID from the subscription_url, to set the state of the application or subscription to disabled.

My Product with billing is returning an error when I try to configure it with my Stripe account.

The most common cause of this is that your Developer Portal cluster servers or your Management cluster servers cannot communicate with Stripe.

To resolve this, ensure that the Stripe API is enabled with HTTPS communication with your Management cluster servers and the Developer Portal on port 443. See Firewall requirements on Kubernetes and Firewall requirements on VMware for more information about this requirement.

Other causes might be issues with the subscription billing service, network stability, or the API keys might have been rolled and not updated in API Connect and the Developer Portal.

My customer previously had a Stripe subscription to a Product but can’t access its billing details.

There is more than one possible cause and resolution for this situation.
  • The credit card transaction might not be completing correctly. If this situation happens, the subscription might be canceled with Stripe, but the API Connect subscription is not canceled. For instructions about how to disable a subscription, see My customer payment is not completing with Stripe, but the Product is still being accessed.
  • A recent change to a Product with billing might have triggered an action that was not completed correctly. Seemingly minor changes to the Product can start a number of actions that can overload a server. For example, when you replace a version of the Product with a new version, it starts an update to the Stripe server for every account that is subscribed to that Product. If the action fails to complete, the Plan's subscription status might not be reflected correctly with Stripe.

    You can identify this situation by viewing the Billing dashboard in the Resources section of the API Manager. The table displays the state of the job queue for the billing integration resource, and any issues with the job queue are displayed here. For more information about the job queue, and how to retry blocked jobs, see Billing integration resource job queues.