Organizing your Products into categories

You can organize your Products into categories. The Products that you categorize are displayed within the Developer Portal, in their defined categories.

Before you begin

Your role must have the necessary permissions to stage and publish Products.

About this task

You can complete this task either by using the API Designer UI application, or by using the browser-based API Manager UI.

By organizing your Products into categories, you can provide a hierarchical display for your Products in the Developer Portal.
Note: Organizing Products into a hierarchical view in the API Designer or API Manager UI is different to tagging in the Developer Portal.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Develop icon in the API UI navigation pane Develop, then select the Products tab..
  2. Click the title of the Product that you want to work with.
  3. Click Categories.
  4. In the Categories text box, enter the hierarchical taxonomy path that you want your Product to follow, in the following format:
    top_level_element / next_level_element / x_level_element
    For example:
    Animals / Fluffy / Cat
  5. After you have completed entering the category specifications for the Product, click Save.

What to do next