Deleting a draft Product

You can delete draft Products that are no longer required.

About this task

You can complete this task either by using the API Designer UI application, or by using the browser-based API Manager UI.

API Manager UI only: To complete this task, you must be assigned a role that has the Product-Drafts:Edit permission. The pre-supplied Developer role has this permission by default; if you are assigned a custom role it must have this permission. For more information, see Creating custom roles.

  • Deleting a draft Product does not remove it from any Catalogs to which it has been published. For details on how to remove a Product from a Catalog, see Removing a Product from a Catalog.
  • You cannot directly delete a Product that was generated automatically from an API with the Activate API option; these Products have the title api_title auto product. To delete such Products, delete the API from which it was generated; the Product is deleted together with the API. For more information, see Deleting an API definition.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Develop icon in the navigation pane Develop.
  2. Select the Products tab.
  3. Alongside the Product version that you want to delete, click the options icon options icon and then click Delete.