Adding a billing integration resource to a Catalog

To be able to publish monetized Product Plans, you must add a billing integration resource to your Catalogs.

Before you begin

You must have created a billing integration resource. See Adding a billing integration resource for details.

You must either be the provider organization owner, or have Settings: Manage permissions, to complete this task.

About this task

Before you can publish any Products that include pricing Plans, you must add the billing integration resource to the Catalog where you will create the monetized Products. When API consumers subscribe to Product Plans with billing in the Developer Portal, they set up automatic payments through a credit card registered with Stripe. To enable this billing process, after you have specified your Stripe account in a billing integration resource, you must then apply that resource to your Catalogs. The subscription payment amount is processed from the account that is provided by the API consumer, and credited to the account that is provided in the billing integration resource.

  • Before you can publish a monetized Product Plan to a Catalog, the Stripe payment method module in the Developer Portal must also be enabled; see Configuring Stripe in the Developer Portal.
  • Each Stripe account comes with two sets of API keys, one for testing, and one for production. Each set of API keys has a distinct namespace for Stripe objects. Test API keys cannot see objects created by production API keys, and vice versa. You cannot switch the API keys of one of your billing integrations with the keys from another account, or swap your test and production keys over, as that would prevent API Connect from resolving the Stripe objects that were created by using the old keys. If you want to use your Stripe test keys, you must create a separate Catalog for testing, and not add your Stripe test keys to production Catalogs.


To add a billing integration resource to a Catalog, complete the following steps:

  1. In the API Manager, click Manage icon in the API Manager UI navigation pane Manage.
  2. Select the Catalog tile on the Manage page that you want to update, then click the Catalog settings tab.
  3. Select Billing, and then click Edit.
  4. Select the billing integration resource that you want to apply to the Catalog, and click Save. You should apply only one billing integration resource to each production Catalog.
    The billing integration resource is now listed in the Billing section.


The billing integration resource is added to the Catalog.

What to do next

The Stripe payment method module must be enabled in the Developer Portal for that Catalog; see Configuring Stripe in the Developer Portal for details.

After both the Catalog and the Developer Portal are configured, you can create Products with pricing Plans. See Defining a Product with billing integration for more information.