Tagging APIs based on their lifecycle phase

In the Developer Portal, you can have APIs automatically tagged with their lifecycle phase; realized, identified, or specified.

Before you begin

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About this task

APIs are tagged in the API Manager with a lifecycle phase as follows:
  • Realized (default) - The API is in the implementation phase.
  • Identified - The API is in the early conceptual phase and is neither fully designed nor implemented.
  • Specified - The API has been fully designed and passed an internal milestone, but has not yet been implemented.
You can configure the Developer Portal to tag APIs with their lifecycle phase automatically.


Tagging APIs with their phase is disabled by default. To enable the function:

  1. If the administrator dashboard is not displayed, click Manage to display it.
  2. On the administrator dashboard, click Configuration.
  3. In the SYSTEM section, click IBM API Connect.
  4. Select Automatically tag APIs with their phase, and then click Save configuration.

What to do next

You can manage the tag hierarchy of your APIs. For more information, see Managing tags in the Developer Portal.