Managing applications

You can show or reset a client ID for an application, verify or reset a client secret, and view the details of the APIs in the application. You can also unsubscribe from a Plan that the application is subscribed to.

About this task

On the application details page, you can display and reset a client ID and client secret. You might want to reset a client secret if it is compromised or you forget it. A client secret is only displayed once, so after you reveal it for the first time at a time of your choosing, you can use this window to verify that what you have is correct or reset it if necessary.

You can, optionally, add further client ID/client secret pairs to an application, any of which can be used to identify the application when calling an API.


To manage an application, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Apps.
    The Apps page opens.
  2. Select the application that you want to work with from the displayed list.
  3. Click Subscriptions.
  4. The client ID is hidden; to display the client ID, select the Show check box. The client ID is displayed, and can be hidden again by clearing the Show check box.
  5. To reset your client ID, click Reset.
    Warning: API calls made by the application with the existing client ID will fail.
  6. If the client secret is compromised or you forget it, click Reset to generate a new value for the client secret.
  7. If you are unsure whether the value that you have for the client secret is correct, you can click Verify, enter the value, and click Submit to confirm whether or not it is correct.
  8. To add an additional client ID and client secret to the application, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Subscriptions.
    2. Click Add alongside Credentials.
      The Add new application credentials window opens.
    3. Enter a name and an optional summary, and click Submit.
    4. Select the Show Client ID or Show Client Secret check box to display the client ID or client secret for the new credentials.
    5. To add a description to a set of client credentials, or to change the current description, click Update alongside the required credentials.
    6. To remove a set of client credentials from the application, click Delete alongside the required credentials.
    If you add additional credentials to an application, any of the associated client ID/client secret pairs can be used to identify the application when calling an API.
    Note: If you add two or more sets of client credentials to an application, OAuth tokens are not shared between them; each client credential set uses a different OAuth token.
  9. To view more details about an individual API, click the API name.
    The operations are listed.
  10. To unsubscribe from a Plan, click Unsubscribe alongside the Plan name.