Configuring the appearance of ratings in the Developer Portal

You can configure the appearance of ratings in the Developer Portal.

Before you begin

You must have administrator access to the Developer Portal to complete this task.

About this task

You can configure the appearance of ratings for only the following content types in the Developer Portal:
  • APIs
  • Applications
  • Products
Note: The Applications and Products content types rating functionality is set to hidden by default.


These following steps describe how to customize the rating on a selected API, Application, or Product. To ensure that the configured rating is also displayed in the list view of APIs, Applications, or Products, then you must repeat these steps on the Teaser tab in the Manage Display window:

  1. If the administrator dashboard is not displayed, click Manage to display it.
  2. Click Structure in the administrator dashboard.
  3. Click Content types.
  4. Select Manage display from the list in OPERATIONS column, next to the required content type.
  5. Click the Settings icon The settings icon, then select the style you require, then click Update.Style options
  6. Click Save. You have configured the appearance of the ratings feature for the required content type.