Analytics in the Developer Portal

You can view analytics for APIs in the Developer Portal at the application and organization levels. This information is displayed in dashboard views that show the analytics metrics in the form of visualizations (represented as charts).

  • If the Catalog that is associated with this Developer Portal has two or more gateway services enabled then, for analytics data to be available, the gateway services must all be associated with the same analytics service. If the set of associated analytics services for the gateway services includes two or more different analytics services then the Developer Portal does not display analytics data. An analytics service is associated with a gateway service in the Cloud Manager user interface; see Associating an analytics service with a gateway service.
  • If the visualizations in your dashboard views display no data, show data only for a time period in the past, or the Dashboard tab does not show up, a possible reason might be that access to analytics data within API Connect has been switched off. Contact your API provider for confirmation.

Use the following topic links to learn how to access the various analytics available to you in the Developer Portal: