Apply the Invoke policy to call another service from within your assembly. The response from the backend is stored either in the variable message.body or in the response object variable if it is defined. The policy can be used with JSON or XML data, and can be applied multiple times within your assembly.

Note: The Invoke policy does not support responses with multipart form data, that is, when the response is set to Content-Type: multipart/related.

Gateway support

Table 1. Table showing which gateways support this policy, and the corresponding policy version
Gateway Policy version
DataPower® Gateway (v5 compatible) 1.0.0
DataPower API Gateway 2.0.0

2.1.0 (DataPower API Gateway Version or later)

2.2.0 (DataPower API Gateway Version or later)

2.3.0 ( DataPower API Gateway Version or later)