Restarting the Analytics ingestion endpoint

Restart the pods that support the Analytics ingestion endpoint in your API Connect deployment.

About this task

The ingestion endpoint contains the external certificates that secure communications with the Analytics subsystem. The default names of these of the secrets for these certificates are ingress-ca, analytics-ai-endpoint (server), and analytics-ingestion-client (client).

When you refresh the certificates for the ingestion endpoint, restart the Analytics pods by completing the following steps.


  1. OVA users: log in to your analytics VM and ssh to the root user:
    ssh apicadm@<vm hostname>
    sudo -i
  2. Reload the NGINX configuration in the analytics-mtls-gw pod by running the following command:
    kubectl -n namespace exec analytics-mtls-gw -- openresty -s reload
    • namespace is the namespace where Analytics is installed.
    • analytics-mtls-gw is the name of the analytics-mtls-gw pod.

    The Management and Gateway subsystems pick up the change automatically and do not require a restart.

  3. Verify that the Analytics service is working by completing the following steps:
    1. Invoke an API on your gateway that uses the associated Analytics subsystem.
    2. Use the Analytics user interface to confirm that new data was posted to the Analytics service.