Working with roles in the Developer Portal

As a site administrator, you can create and customize site configuration roles in the Developer Portal.

Rather than assigning individual permissions to each user, permissions are assigned to roles, and then roles are assigned to users. Using roles gives administrators greater control over permissions, and makes it easy to assign and remove roles when necessary.

Administrators can assign the following site configuration roles to users in the Developer Portal:
The Superuser role has the highest level of permissions in the Developer Portal, and is the role that is assigned by default to the admin user, in addition to the Administrator role, when they enable a Developer Portal site in the API Manager. This role bypasses all content access control, which means that users that have a Superuser role can see all of the site content. This level of access can lead to some unexpected behavior when they access content such as their Consumer organizations and their applications. Careful consideration should be given before you assign users to a Superuser role.
An Administrator can use the administrator dashboard to customize and configure the Developer Portal. An Administrator is able to perform any task within the Developer Portal that does not involve the creation of APIs, Products, and Apps.
Content Author
A Content Author is a curator of content for the Developer Portal. A Content Author can perform the following actions:
  • Set taxonomies on the content.
  • Provide custom icons for content.
  • Upload additional documentation files.
  • Create documentation pages in the Developer Portal.
Forum Moderator
A Forum Moderator can moderate the content of a forum in the Developer Portal.
Note: Every account in the Developer Portal, including across different user registries for the same site, must have a unique email address, including the site Admin account. For example, if you configure three different user registries for a particular Developer Portal site, the email address can be used to log in to the site from only one of the user registries. The default email address for the Admin account is the email address of the Catalog owner. It is not possible to create a user account (and associated Consumer organization) with the same email address as the Admin account (or that of the Catalog owner if their email address is different). Any attempts to create an account with the same email address results in the new account not functioning correctly, and returning the following error message when trying to log in: A user already exists with this email address.

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