Viewing the application metrics dashboard

You can view the application performance metrics for a Node application by using IBM® API Connect.

Before you begin

To view application metrics for a Node application, the application project must either have:
  • A main script file named server.js, app.js, or index.js.
  • Or a package.json file that has a main property specifying the main application script file, for example:
    "main": "server/myserver.js",

LoopBack application projects created with apic loopback automatically meet this requirement.

About this task

When you run an application locally, you can view application performance metrics based on Node application metrics in the application metrics dashboard.

To view application metrics:


  1. In the application project root directory, enter this command to run the application:
    $ apic start
    The console will display the following message:
    Service <project-name> started on port 4001. Access the application dashboard at
    Service <project-name> started on port 4002.
  2. Open your browser to
    You'll see the application metrics dashboard; for example: Application metrics dashboard example

    The metrics are:

    • CPU - Percentage of CPU time spent on the Node process.
    • Memory - Amount of memory used by the Node process and available in the system.
    • Heap - Amount of heap memory used and available.
    • HTTP Throughput (requests per second) versus time.
    • HTTP Incoming Requests - Response time for HTTP requests versus time.
    • Average Response Time for the highest five routes.
    • Event Loop Latency (minimum / maximum / average) - Amount of time spent for a event loop "tick."
    • Other Requests
    • HTTP Outbound Requests

    For more information on these metrics, see Understanding the Application Metrics for Node.js dashboard.

    Note: Node Report diagnostics are not currently available. The Node Report button is not operational in this release.