Planning and initial preparation

Decide on endpoint, host, and namespace names. Prepare your Cloud Pak for Integration environments for 2DCDR API Connect.


  1. Decide on naming. Both data centers must use the same names for:
    • API Connect namespace.
    • API Connect Cluster CR name. Also known as the API Connect instance name, and referred to in this document as <apic-instance-name>.
    • Portal subsystem endpoints
      • portalAdminEndpoint
      • portalUIEndpoint
    • Custom hostname and domain. This will be used in the URL for the Cloud Pak for Integration Platform UI and also for the Management subsystem endpoints. Traffic to this hostname should be directed to whichever data center is the active.
    Important: Each data center must use a different backup path for your Management backups. For portal backups each data center must use the same backup path. For more information, see Backup and restore requirements for a two data center deployment.
  2. Create a namespace for your API Connect deployment in both data centers.
    The API Connect namespace must be the same in both data centers, set it with:
    oc create ns <namespace>
  3. Install the Cloud Pak for Integration operator, Platform Navigator UI, and the API Connect operator in both your data centers. See Do not create an API Connect instance yet, install only the API Connect operator.
  4. Decide which data center will start as the active and which will start as the warm-standby.
  5. On the CLI of the active data center, where you run oc commands, create a directory called 2dcdr-active-yamls. On the CLI of the warm-standby data center, create a directory called 2dcdr-ws-yamls.

What to do next

Proceed to prepare the replication certificates, secrets, and issuers on your active data center Preparing your active data center.