Disabling internal storage

Update the Kubernetes analytics CR to disable local storage in your IBM® API Connect analytics deployment.

About this task

The Analytics subsystem provides a complete solution for routing, storing, and viewing the analytics data. However, you might not need the internal storage and viewing solution, especially if you are primarily using a third-party system for data offloading. In this scenario, you can greatly reduce your CPU and memory costs by disabling the internal storage and viewing components.

With this approach, data that is offloaded is not viewable in the API Manager and Developer Portal UIs.

When you disable internal storage for analytics data, the following microservices are disabled:

  • osinit
  • storage
Important: The disablement of internal storage must be set in the analytics CR yaml file before installation. It is not possible to disable or re-enable internal storage after installation.


  1. Required: Configure data offloading as explained in Offloading data to a third-party system.

    If you do not have offloading configured and also disable internal storage, you will have no analytics data.

  2. Open the analytics_cr.yaml file for editing.
  3. Locate the storage section and set enabled to false:
      enabled: false
  4. Save the file.