Disabling internal storage

Update the analytics-extra-values.yaml file to offload all data and disable local storage in your API Connect analytics deployment.

About this task

For information about disabling internal storage in your Analytics deployment, see Planning to disable internal storage.

Warning: It is not possible to enable internal storage after installation. If you install with internal storage disabled and then decide you want to enable it, you will need to reinstall the analytics subsystem.


  1. Required: Configure data offloading as explained in Offloading data to a third-party system. The analytics subsystem will not start if storage is disabled and offloading not configured.
  2. Open the analytics-extra-values.yaml file for editing.
  3. Add the storage section as shown in the following example:
      enabled: false
  4. Save the file.

What to do next

If you do not want to add any more configuration options, skip to the topic on Deploying the Analytics subsystem.

Otherwise, continue adding configuration options to the file as explained in the following topics.