Tutorial: Synchronizing application credentials from the Developer Portal with an external server

You can synchronize application credentials from the Developer Portal with an external server.

Before you begin

You must have administrator access to complete this task.

Download the Application credential synchronization module.

About this task

In this tutorial, you can synchronize the application credentials from the Developer Portal with an external credentials server that you organization might already have. This is done by configuring a custom module and installing it in the Developer Portal.

The file that you have downloaded is a custom module that contains multiple methods that can be configured with your REST endpoints, and any further specifications that you want to define, to synchronize your Developer Portal application credentials with an external credential server.

For more information, see Custom module development: background and prerequisites.


To configure the custom module to synchronize application credentials:

  1. In the appcreds_sync.module file, replace example.com with your REST endpoint for the following method types:
    • http://example.com/app/create
    • http://example.com/app/delete
    • http://example.com/app/creds/create
    • http://example.com/app/creds/update
    • http://example.com/app/creds/delete
    • http://example.com/app/clientid/reset
    • http://example.com/app/clientsecret/reset
  2. Optional: Replace username and password with your username and password in the _appcreds_sync_json_http_request function:
    ('username' . ':' . 'password')
    Note: You can also configure the SSL settings if you need to.
  3. After you have finished configuring the module, click Save, and zip up the module.

To install the configured custom module in the Developer Portal:

  1. On the administrator dashboard, click Modules
  2. Click Install new modules.
  3. You can enter a path to the module in the Install from a URL field. Alternatively, you can upload a module under the Upload a module or theme archive to install heading.
  4. Click Install.

To enable the module:

  1. On the administrator dashboard, click Modules.
  2. Search for and enable the custom module.
  3. Click Save configuration.


You have configured a custom module that synchronizes application credentials from the Developer Portal, installed that module in the Developer Portal, and enabled it. No further action or configuration is required.