Switching clouds from API Designer

You can switch clouds to work in another cloud in API Designer.

About this task

API Designer allows the flexibility to connect to multiple clouds. For example, your organization may have separate clouds for testing, development, and demos. You select the cloud connection when you log in, but you can also switch clouds when you are developing APIs and Products. Multiple clouds must be configured in order to switch clouds. You must have a valid API Manager account to connect to a cloud.

Note: If you are using an OIDC user registry that supports single sign-on (SSO), you cannot switch clouds to log in to the same user registry with a different user ID. You must first restart the API Designer application so that you are logged out of the registry, then select the required cloud connection.


To switch clouds for working in API Designer, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to API Designer and select a cloud, or configure a new cloud connection.
  2. From the Develop: APIs and Products screen, you can switch to another cloud by selecting it from the Switch Cloud Connection menu.
  3. Delete a cloud connection by selecting the trash can icon.