Tags in API Connect

There are a number of forms of tagging in IBM® API Connect.

  • You can create tags in an API that are visible in its OpenAPI definition and can be used to filter operations in the Developer Portal.
  • You can tag items in the Developer Portal so that they can be searched for.

Tags within an API

The OpenAPI specification allows the inclusion of tags in an API definition, and you can create these tags through the API Manager user interface. You can assign tags to an operation within an API.

Tags that are assigned to an operation can be used to group the operations of an API in the Developer Portal, by using the filter options for the API. These tags are visible to anyone who can view any of the Products to which the API belongs.

For more information, see Editing an OpenAPI 2.0 API definition and Configuring an operation.

Note: Though you can tag the API itself in the API Setup section, by using this method the tag is not visible in the Developer Portal.

Tags in the Developer Portal

An administrator can assign tags to items in the Developer Portal, which are then available through the API Products search function in the Developer Portal.

For more information, see Editing tags for a specific item and Managing tags in the Developer Portal.