Editing an OpenAPI 3.0 API definition

IBM® API Connect provides a form based editor that enables you to configure APIs that conform to the OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

About this task

  • This task relates to configuring an OpenAPI 3.0 API definition. For details on how to configure an OpenAPI 2.0 API definition, see Editing an OpenAPI 2.0 API definition.
  • OpenAPI 3.0 APIs are supported only with the DataPower® API Gateway, not with the DataPower Gateway (v5 compatible).
  • For details of current OpenAPI 3.0 support limitations, see OpenAPI 3.0 support in IBM API Connect.

You can complete this task either by using the API Designer UI application, or by using the browser-based API Manager UI.


You can open an API for editing in either of the following ways:

  • During the initial creation of an API, the API wizard guides you to enter the minimum configuration settings; on completion of the initial configuration, click Edit API.
  • To open an existing API for editing, complete the following steps:
    1. In the navigation pane, click Develop icon in the API UI navigation pane Develop, then select the APIs tab.
    2. Click the title of the API version that you want to work with.