Upgrading DataPower Gateway Service

Use these instructions when upgrading DataPower Gateway Service in a non-Kubernetes environment, during upgrade of API Connect.

Before you begin

Ensure you have completed the upgrade of the API Connect subsystems (Management service, Developer Portal, Analytics) before upgrading DataPower Gateway. Upgrading the Management service before the DataPower Gateway ensures that any new policies and capabilities will be available to a previously registered Gateway service.

About this task

  • The DataPower Gateway Service in a non-Kubernetes environment can be on either a physical appliance or in a virtual DataPower deployment.
  • The upgrade of DataPower Gateway Service in a non-Kubernetes environment, for use in API Connect deployments in a VMware environment, does not use the apicup command. Use DataPower Gateway instructions in the following steps.
Note: To upgrade the DataPower Gateway Service in a Kubernetes environment, do not use this procedure. Instead, see Upgrading Gateway subsystem on native Kubernetes.


  1. Ensure that DataPower Gateway firmware version you plan to install is compatible with the API Connect Management server version.

    You can use any combination of API Connect 10.0.5.x with DataPower Gateway 10.5.0.x or DataPower API Gateway 10.5.0.x.

    Before you install, best practice is to review the latest compatibility support for your version of API Connect. To view compatibility support, follow the instructions in IBM API Connect Version 10 software product compatibility requirements to access API Connect information on the Software Product Compatibility Reports website. Once you access information for your version of API Connect, select Supported Software > Integration Middleware, and view the list of compatible DataPower Gateway versions.

  2. When upgrading a high-availability cluster, ensure that you meet the requirements:
    • Gateways must be updated one at a time.
    • Before starting the upgrade, a single gateway must be running as primary for all gateway-peering definitions.
    • When upgrading multiple gateways, the primary gateway must be upgraded last.

    To determine which gateway is running as primary, use either the show gateway-peering-status command in the DataPower CLI, or use the Gateway Peering Status display in the Web GUI in the API Connect application domain. To move the primary to the DataPower on which you're currently working, you can issue the gateway-peering-switch-primary <peering-object-name> command.

  3. Ensure that your deployment includes an NTP server to synchronize time between each of the DataPower Gateways.
  4. Ensure that you have set a unique System Identifier for each v10 DataPower gateway. See Initializing the DataPower Gateway.
  5. Follow the upgrade instructions on the DataPower Gateway documentation. See Installation operations.
    • If upgrading a cluster (high-availability) deployment, ensure that you have identified which gateway is running a primary in gateway-peering definitions, and that you upgrade that gateway last.
    • For troubleshooting help with DataPower operator deployments, see IBM DataPower Operator documentation.