Migrating v5-compatible APIs to API Gateway

Use the migration utility to automate the migration of v5-compatible APIs to DataPower API Gateway APIs.

About this task

If your deployment includes v5-compatible APIs, they can only be used with the DataPower v5-compatible Gateway (also known as the v5c gateway). To use the v5-compatible APIs with the DataPower API Gateway, you must migrate the APIs to the newer format.

The migration process involves the following tasks:
  1. Install and configure the required version of API Connect and migration tools.
  2. Plan and test your migration to ensure all tools work as intended.
  3. Use the API Connect operations tool (apicops) to extract API data from your v10.0.5.4 (or later) deployment.
  4. Use the API Connect migration utility (AMU) to unpack the data into YML files for porting to the newer format.
  5. Review the unpacked data and port the v5-compatible APIs to the format required by the DataPower API Gateway.
  6. Use the AMU to load the ported APIs back into your v10.0.5.4 (or later) deployment.