Migrating from v2018 to v10 on a different form factor

Migrate an API Connect v2018 deployment to a different form factor on v10. For example, migrate v2018 on Kubernetes to v10 on OpenShift.

Use the v2018 to v10 form factor migration process in the following circumstances:
  • You want to change the deployment form factor, for example, moving from v2018 on OVA to v10 on OpenShift.
  • You are on an old version of API Connect and are unable or prefer not to upgrade to the latest v2018 fix pack to do in-place upgrade. Form factor migration to v10 is supported for v2018 releases back to v2018.4.1 Fixpack 13.
  • You are unable to upgrade your v2018 platform (OpenShift or Kubernetes) source environment to a version that supports v10.
  • You want to change your API Connect endpoint URLs, but want to stay on the same form factor, for example, changing the portal web endpoint from https://portal.v2018inst.example.com to https://portal.v10inst.example.com.
If you do not want to change your deployment form factor and do not want to change your endpoint URLs, then the in-place upgrade is the simplest method to move to v10. See the upgrade documentation corresponding to your platform:

Complete the following tasks to migrate your v2018 API Connect deployment to a different form factor on v10: