Enabling Spaces in a Catalog

To use the syndication feature in IBM® API Connect, you must enable Spaces in any Catalog in which you require syndication capabilities.

Before you begin

If Spaces are enabled for a Catalog, Products (and their associated APIs) can be published only to a Space within that Catalog. For information about publishing, see Staging a Product for publishing by using the API Designer, and see Publishing APIs for publishing by using the developer toolkit.

Note: You cannot enable Spaces in a Catalog to which one or more Products have already been staged or published. If the Catalog does contain staged or published Products, first complete the following steps for each Product in the Catalog:
  1. Remove all staged Products.
  2. Retire, then remove, all published Products.
After enabling Spaces, re-stage or re-publish Products, and re-create application subscriptions, as required.

About this task

By default, Spaces are disabled in a Catalog. You enable Spaces by modifying the Catalog settings. After Spaces are enabled for a Catalog, a default Space is automatically created that inherits all of the configuration settings from the Catalog.

Note: You can also enable Spaces by using the developer toolkit CLI; for details, see the toolkit CLI reference documentation.


To enable Spaces in a Catalog, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation pane of the API Manager UI, click Manage icon in the API Manager UI navigation pane Manage, then select the Catalog that you want to work with.
  2. Click the Catalog settings tab.
  3. Set the Spaces slider control to the On position.
  4. In the Enable Spaces window, click Enable.


Spaces are enabled for your Catalog, and a default Space is created that automatically inherits all of the configuration settings from the Catalog. The Catalog owner is also the owner of the default Space.

What to do next

You can modify Space settings, and create more Spaces; see Creating, modifying, and deleting Spaces and Working with Spaces for more information.