Changing the deployment profile on Cloud Pak for Integration

You can change an API Connect installation to use a different profile.

Before you begin

This task assumes that you have already deployed an API Connect cluster as explained in Deploying on OpenShift and Cloud Pak for Integration. If you are switching from a one replica profile to a three replica profile, ensure that you have three replica profile hardware (3 worker nodes) available. For more information on the available profiles, see: Planning your deployment topology.


  1. Verify that the API Connect cluster is in the Ready state.

    Open the IBM Cloud Pak Platform UI, locate the API Management capability on the Integration instances tab, and verify that the state displays as Ready. Leave the page open for the next step.

  2. Update the API Management instance:
    1. In the Platform UI, click the overflow menu next to the instance and select Edit.
    2. In the Details section of the deployment pages, navigate to the Deployment profile field.
    3. Click the field and select the new deployment profile.
  3. Click Update to save the change.
  4. Wait for microservice to scale up, or scale down, as needed.
  5. Verify that the status for the API Management instance displays as Ready.