Set Variable

Set Variable is a component that can be added to the test to capture a particular value for later use or to perform computations to arrive at a given result.


Name Type Required? Description Default value
Variable Name String Yes Name of variable to be used in subsequent components
Mode Selection List Yes Select one of the following values:
  • String: Provide a string for the value of the variable, this can be referencing a payload property
  • Object: Interogate the object being processed
  • Language: Using Groovy script provide logic to determine a value for the variable
Value String No Provide the Value of the variable if String was selected for Mode
Object String No Provide the logic for use when Mode is set to Object
Language Selection List No The language you wish to script in, Groovy is the only option available Groovy
Content String No Your Groovy script logic


To set a variable from a requests response if one is given.

for example to set a variable to the name property Add Set Variable Component from list Provide the name of the variable Set the value to ${<request varaible name>.name}

If the variable being referenced is wihtin a loop the variable name will be _1

Setting a Variable using Groovy script

To set variable to a value that requires a bit of additional logic, you can write a segment of groovy script to process inputs and provide an single output.

To write script, within Set Variable change the Variable Mode to Language

As an example if given a temperature I want to check if where it falls on a set of parameters using the tempature from a prior request

def temperature="Just Right"

    temperature='Its Warm'
} else if(payload.temperature<16){
    temperature='Its Cold'

return temperature

You much return a inner variable at the end to set the value of variable to be used later

NOTE: within Groovy script you do not need to wrap existing variables within ${}

Object Mode

Object allows you to inspect the a larger object to find particular parts of a varialbe

payload.findAll { == ‘Douglas Adams’}